The 2nd Japan-France Coordination Chemistry Symposium 2013



The objective of this meeting is to gather the chemists from Japan and France, working in various fields of Coordination Chemistry related to Life, Environment, Energy, and Materials including the following subjects:

  1. 1.‣    Bio-inorganic (Drugs, Enzymes, Imaging,...)

  2. 2.‣    Catalysis

  3. 3.‣    Molecular Materials (Magnetism, Conductivity, Optics…)

  4. 4.‣    Nanosciences

  5. 5.‣    Porous Materials (MOFs, Zeolites)

  6. 6.‣    (Supra)Molecular Chemistry

  7. 7.‣    Theory

The Japan-France Coordination Chemistry Symposium will consist of about 50 invited talks given by selected scientists and poster presentations from both countries.

This event is supported by the Japanese Coordination Chemistry Society and the Coordination Chemistry Division of the French Chemical Society as well as many academic, public and private institutions from the two countries.

November 24–28, 2013

Nara City, Japan