Chemistry of Ni–active oxygen species / ニッケルー活性酸素錯体の化学

Active oxygen species play pivotal roles in oxidation reactions of organic compounds. Biological systems and artificial systems utilize metal complexes to harness there too high reactivities. Such active oxygen-metal complexes are given by the reaction of metal complexes with molecular oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, or ozone. Catalytic reaction with these terminal oxidants are highly atom economical (if the system does not explode.) We here focus nickel complexes as a tool to control the reactivity of active oxygen compounds.

通常、ニッケルイオンは二価の電子状態をとるものが一般的です。 これをさらに酸化して生成するニッケル三価錯体を用いて、色々なタイプの酸化反応についての研究を行っています。