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18.11.25–29 RWTH Aachen–Osaka Univ. Joint Symposium

I have trip to Aachen to join the joint symposium of RWTH and Osaka univ. They held Christmas markets as in my last trip three years before. I could have a plenty of time to have discussion with new & old friends.

Symbolic building of RWTH, super C
Reception on the top floor of super C
We could see the cathedral

Aachener Dom with market
Beautiful interior
large stained glass
Wizen! and almost finished pilsner. ヴァイツェンとピルスナー。
I visited brewery of alt beer, “Brewery im Füchschen”. 帰りの便はデュッセルドルフ経由だったので、醸造所とバーが一緒になったスタイルの、伝統的なアルトビールの店に行きました。旨い!でも、あんまりどんな味か覚えてない。もう一度いかねば。

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