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2018.07.30-08.04 ICCC

This year, Tohoku Univ. hosted international conference in coordination chemistry 2018 (ICCC2018), just after domestic conference JSCC.
I stayed Sendai for 9 days, and I met a lot of old and new friends their.

The first day of ICCC. Prof. Kawano set a party.
Me, Woon Ju Song, Hoi Ri Moon, Masaki Kawano, George Shimizu, Shigehisa Akine, Dae-Woon Lim

Prof. Jim Mayer gave a plenary talk. At the occasion, we held an alumni association of Jim group.
Hirotaka Nagano, Takashi Matsuo, Jim Mayer, Takao Osako, Ryoji Mitsuhashi, Yoshihiro Matano,
Hiroaki Hagiwara, Hirotaka Suzuki, me, Yasukazu Hirao
Thank you Osako-san for the arrangement.

Hung out with Dr. Giorgio Olivo (in front of me), and his colleague in Miquel Costas group.
Have a very nice discussion with him.
 Marco, funny Italian gay!

Movie during the talk of Prof. Kojima at speakers dinner of S16 “Bio-mimetic small molecular activation”

It was Ken’s Birthday.

The second round.
Hiroaki Kotani, Tapan Kanti Paine, Takahiko Kojima, Kallol Ray, me, Tim Warren
Christian Limberg, Chris Cramer, Wonwoo Nam, Shiro Hikichi, Hiroshi Fujii, Shunichi Fukuzumi, Way-Zen Lee

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